Thursday, January 08, 2009

So Far...

So far this January has been pretty awesome. The weather has really improved, the temps for the past few days have been in the 40's mid day, and the snow is melting of the streets pretty quickly as well. I have been getting in some good hours and staying on target so far this year. Then today I went up to Silverton for some of the best snowboarding I have ever had in my entire life. And I have snowboarded at many of Colorado and Utah's premier resorts and Silverton is among the best, maybe even the best. It's definitely a place of its own, with the feel being very locals only, yet not very many people there are really locals.

As you can tell, the view's from the mountain are pretty epic. The whole album can be found under the my photos link on the side bar. I really wish I would have taken more photos, but even the photo's I have do not do this place justice. But aside from today, I have been mostly on the bike and also on the XC skis. Trevor my roommate got back from Tucson the other day. He was there for three weeks and is very fast and already finished with base. Lucky! But also its great having him back in the house and also to have someone else to ride in the cold with.

Since the snow has been melting off, the roads have been really messy lately. Since our back yard is covered in very deep snow, we have been using the bathtub to clean out bikes. It actually works really well. Well, I am beat, and I have a hot shower and some food calling my name so, until next time, keep enjoying 09!

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