Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Challenges

I love riding my bike, I really don't see anything that could ever change that, but riding these past few days has been very challenging. But it does feel great to turn the pedals for a few hours, even though I can't really feel my feet. This first week out of the class room has been great, although a bit crazy. Been working a lot, and been riding even more. Still here in Durango. Didn't have the time or the money to go back home, and I figured I would riding in better conditions, but the snow is really fun. Besides, when else can I drift turns like Sam Hill? Well never, but I still like to act like it. And really, I don't mind the snow so much, its the freezing cold that is killing me. Yesterday it was around 25-27 degrees out, today it never got above 22. I will definitely be busting out the XC skis soon. Hillcrest is looking awesome, and I really want to get out there. It's a bit weird being in the house by myself for Christmas, but it's also really fun. I think I have had my iPod playing on the stereo the whole time and it's much easier to clean up, and keep things clean. I do very much miss my family, but the Elliott's have been more than welcoming and acting as my family away from home. A big thanks to them! Well it sounds like my tea is done and I need to get back to shoveling the sidewalk.

Merry Xmas everyone and happy holidays! Stay warm!

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