Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Time Flying By

It snowed today. I really can't believe it, mainly because I actually was wanting some snow. The snow kind of reminds me of home and I don't even really mind the cold too much. For once this is a bit of a new thing. I usually hate snow and try and milk summer for as long as possible. But this time around I find myself looking forward to the winter. This season was a bit of a let down to me so seeing the snow is just more notification of 09 coming. It is also a bit depressing too since I have realized how fast everything is going. It honestly seems like yesterday I was riding up Sopris thinking, I wonder when all the snow will melt and all the trails will be open.

I also realized how bad I have been at updating this thing. I originally started this so I could have something to look back at and move forward from. When I looked at my blog and saw that this year I have been lacking on the updates I got really disappointed. I remember when almost everyday I have something I wanted to put down on here, and now it seems like if I get 3 posts a month I am doing well. I will definitely have to change that, as weird as it sounds, writing is one of my most favorite things to do and I miss it to be honest. Plus, I have been quite lazy lately due to the influx in school and work.

Oh well, there are worse things, at least I have still been getting out on the bike a decent amount. It seems impossible to not ride everyday here in Durango. It feels like every time I walk out of class and look out over town I can't help but get thoughts like, oh yeah test tracks looks sick! Or, hmm, I wonder how Sailing Hawks is riding? And the strangest of them all was last Saturday when I thought, huh, I feel like riding up to Purgatory and back. The cool part is that I am never disappointed. That is another thing that I am happy to see is that after all this time, looking back at all my past posts, very few things have changed. I love to ride my bike, and the more coffee the better. As long as that never changes, I have a good feeling I will be happy. And with the amount of time I am going to spending on the bike this winter, I should be plenty happy.

See you on the roads!

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