Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pure Fun

Here's a picture of my bike after today's ride. It was awesome, so much fun. Mud is so much fun to ride in, and today was perfect mud, nothing really tricky to ride in, but still just a bit slippery and really messy. This is another prime example of me not ever growing up, I still love raging my bike through puddles and mud bogs like a 5 year old.

It was also a really sick ride since Todd Wells showed up and taught the Fort Lewis team mounting and dismounting technique. It was ridiculous watching him do what he was doing. I have never really talked to him, but it is very easy to see that he is a super chill person. It today was cool enough then after that, I went over to Tad and Evan's house and they hooked me up with some premo burritos for dinner. Nothing like excellent for free and it seems like every time I go over there, I end up laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. Anyways, time to hit the homework and go to bed, I have another decent day tomorrow for class and biking. Maybe it will be muddy still!

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