Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Is Where The Coffee Is

I swear good coffee makes the world go round, at least it does mine. I made the trip back and forth from Durango to Aspen this week and saw the family. It was nice being back in the valley for a few days and seeing some good friends. Got a few bike rides in in the cold. I forgot how cold it gets there sometimes.

Once again, the warm coffee saved me on the cold days. Along with the good bike rides and coffee, I indulged in as much good food as possible. Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday when you are a poor college student who doesn't have much money to spend on stuff like food.

Some how it seems that I keep finding photos of bikes and bike accessories turned into furniture or other things. This photo comes from Jesse Swift, who used to build frames for Dean bikes back in the day. I guess after my last post about my sister's new lamp, Jesse had to show me his. And I will admit it, this lamp is pretty damn awesome, and I promise this is the last lamp I put on my blog for a long time. Today I did the next race in the Squawker Cup Series and only made it for two laps after I took a harsh fall in the opening lap on an icy sidewalk. Smacked my knee pretty hard and it's still super sore and turning colors. Unfortunately, it's not the first time I have had this happen. I hate DNF's. Oh well, I think there are two races next weekend, and I am sure it will still be muddy then. Until then I will be drinking more coffee and getting my study on!

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