Friday, November 21, 2008

Free Time

I am on Turkey Day break and could not be happier! After 14 straight weeks of classes and homework, I have one to myself. I cannot wait. Especially since the weather down here in Durango has been awesome and looks to stay this way for a while. That helps when you are supposed to be on the road a decent amount everyday, and it's also nice to be able walk around downtown and not be freezing. Really, great weather during November is one of the best gifts you can get and definitely leaves me thankful.

Another really cool gift my sister is getting back is her old fork that was recalled a while ago from Cervelo. This really cool artist, Leif Valin, offered to make this for her. Leif can be reached at, and his Flickr can be seen here. some really cool stuff. This is probably on of the coolest lamps I have ever seen. Well I am off for a bike ride, I have a cyclocross race here on campus again. I am really loving cross season, and with most of the races being so close from my house it's even better. Take care and get out and enjoy some awesome November weather!

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