Sunday, November 16, 2008


Wow, I am still tired from this one. Longest bike ride I have ever done, most miles I have ever done on a mountain bike and also quite possibly my most favorite ride of all time. It was Brian Smith's birthday this weekend and its been a yearly thing where him, his wife Jenny, and a bunch of friends all go out to Moab and ride the white rim in one day.

I have ridden the White Rim numerous times before, but never in one day. I didn't really know what to expect. 100 plus miles on a mountain bike is very different. But needless to say I was very excited for this ride. We set out on the trail at 6am and it was freezing!

As we rode through, it started warming up and the views became more spectacular, be sure to check out all of my pictures from this ride. The trail/road was in pretty condition, except for a few moon dusty sections that were almost unreal. But really to think about it, the whole trip was pretty unreal.

Around mile 65-70 I hit the wall and was suffering hardcore for a while. It took a lot of chocolate covered espresso beans and Cytomax to bring me back. Then once we got to the final climb I seemed to feel better and better and actually rode stronger up Shaffer's than I did most of the whole ride before. That was really cool since I felt like a drag in those last few miles leading up to the climb and didn't really know how making it back to the car was going to happen. Jesse Swift and Josh Kravetz were pulling me for a good 15-20 miles and shared some awesome food with me in hopes that I wouldn't just completely shut down. Once I did get back to the car I was DONE! I was shaking and so cold and so hungry and all I could think about was what I wanted to eat and how much of it I could shove down my throat. I can not wait to do this ride again next year, and most importantly, a huge happy birthday to Brian Smith.

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