Sunday, October 05, 2008


This weekend was the annual Fort Lewis College Squawker Mountain bike classic, and it was awesome. Short Track was on Saturday morning and me not being a very good short tracker was only so excited for it. I got a decent start position, kind of had some issues moving forward but finally got into a comfortable pace where I was able to keep picking off riders and move up bit by bit, then I went down in one of last corners on the second to last lap and had to catch back up. I ended up only losing one place. Nothing special really for me, I rode well and shows that I have maintained some shape in the "off season". Then I headed home for a bit and borrowed my good friends' bike, helmet and pads for the Dual Slalom. I have never really raced Dual Slalom before and it was awesome! I did some practice runs and finally felt comfortable going fast on the course, then it started pissing rain.

That didn't stop me or anyone else really from having fun. The mud was really fun to ride in, but really hard to keep a line in. I kept riding and doing practice runs until qualifying came. I put down probably my worst run of the day and came away qualifying really well actually. Then when it came to the next round I did all I could to stay in front of the other rider, and was looking like I was going to take it, then I slid just a bit too much in the final straight and he passed me. Since we shortened the race for winner takes all I was done.

Oh well, still not to bad for my first Dual Slalom race. I have decided I will have to do this again more often. Next time I am winning this. I was really bummed I wasn't able to do better, but I had so much fun and enjoyed riding in the mud too much to really get upset. Plus it great being to race and hang out with my friends and enjoy the misery together.

A huge thanks goes out to Dave Hagen and Rick Crawford for putting everything on, along with the entire Fort Lewis College Cycling team. And of course my roommates Trevor and Art and to Rudy Unrau for letting me wear his helmet and race his bike.

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