Sunday, July 20, 2008

That's a Wrap

Well, 2008 National Mountain Championships are in the books. For me, this is the last big race of the year. It's kind of nice to have that weight off my shoulders. I am still here in Vermont, I love the greenery here and all the thick trees and forests, but this humidity is killing me. Once again though, it is nice to be some where new and racing my bike while being here. I am really upset that in my last post I didn't stress enough on how awesome the course is here in Mount Snow. It is definitely on my top 5 list of awesome places I have ridden/raced. Really wish I would have brought my dualie and been able to ride the Super D here. From the sounds of it, and by riding the XC course, it sounded super fun. Speaking of Super D, host and college roommate Greg Carpenter posted an excellent ride in the Super D this morning taking 4th. Yes, that's in the Elite category. This is prior to his champagne shower by Adam Craig.

Yeah Mount Snow is great. Unfortunately I didn't quite have the results I wanted, but really not that many people did. That's cool, I mean it is National Championships, people kind of train up for that caliber of an event. I am really stoked to hear that the 2009 National Champs are coming to Sol Vista, Colorado. I have a race out there in a couple of weeks, I will probably make a few trips out there to scope out the course so maybe I can get a top finish. Well, aside from getting killed in today's Short Track, (I am not even going to venture into talking about this one) This was an awesome trip. I hope to make coming out east here a yearly trip. The people are great, stayed in an awesome bed & breakfast called the Gray Ghost, and rode some awesome mountain bike trails. Tomorrow I am flying back to Colorado where I will have some time to rest, go swim in the river, tube, and see some friends who I haven't really gotten to hang out with since April.

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