Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Grounds

Yesterday was an epic day for travel. It started with getting on a plane from Denver to Colorado Springs. Then getting on a small jet on its way to Chicago. But before getting on the plane I was held up by TSA for a random search. Of course they pulled everything out of my bag and searched all my pockets and gave me a pat down that was really kind of a crappy experience since it was in front of everyone, especially people headed onto my plane and people conducting the search, in the name of security, were very rude. Oh well, It did help things out that once I got on the plane I was seated next to a very cute girl from Albany. That made up things a bit, and it was nice to have some one to talk to on the plane ride. Once I landed in Chicago I was super tired, and really wondering if my bag and bike had made it to my last flight to Hartford, Connecticut. But luckily they did. I got into Connecticut at about 1am eastern standard time. As soon as I got to my friend Greg Carpenter's house, I went right to sleep.

Today was much better, and a lot more fun. I slept in really late and waited for Greg to get back from work. In the meantime I assemblemed my bike and got some food. Once Greg got back, we quickly went out on one of his favorite rides, Kneepog, here in Canton. I was really excited to check out New England single track and see if riding out here on the east coast was as difficult as everyone made it out to be.

After a few minutes of riding I could tell it was a lot rougher here than in Colorado or anywhere else I had ridden. But it was also SUPER FREAKING FUN! I never really have had too many troubles with my technical skills so I seemed to manage it pretty well. It's an awesome area out here with a bunch of log rides and jumps everywhere. I would have really enjoyed riding all of this on my dual suspension, but I ran into some troubles yesterday morning when trying to pack up my bike. Oh well, the hardtail is sick, and really almost nicer to have since it's easier to throw around. I am also very thankful to have such awesome tires for the my little east coast adventures.

Anyways, I am off to bed. I have a long day a head of me. Another longish car ride to Mount Snow, Vermont. This is where US National Mountain Bike Championships are being held and is the whole purpose of this trip. Will check in tomorrow and will hopefully have some pics of the race course and venue. Vermont here I come!

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Colin - Kick butt out East! Make the team and Colorado proud! Ride FAST!!!! - Swift