Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hardest Race Ever

I am destroyed! I have never had my back hurt so much before. My knee hurts, my arms hurt. Everything hurts really. But today went pretty well, almost. After getting a crappy call up, all most last, I hung on for the start. Mitchell Peterson took off like a rocket and the rest of the field followed suit. Every lap I got considerably faster, and everything looked good for me on the fourth lap. I was sitting in 15th, right where I wanted to finish. Then after completing the first small loop I got to the first real climb of the course and all of a sudden it felt like my left foot popped out of my pedal. I looked down and the pedal had unthreaded itself out of the crank arm. I jumped off my bike, grabbed my pedal off my foot and put in with my tool. All in all took me a good minute to minute and a half and to fix. I jumped back on my bike and as soon as I did I could hear 16th and 17th placed riders Andrew and Dylan Alesio. So for the rest of the lap I put the hammer down to try and make up for lost time and to drop Andrew. I was doing ok, making minimal mistakes, rallying the downhills as fast as I could. Then there was one last climb before the final killer, rocky, rooty, fast, crazy descent and I caught and passed another rider. I thought I might have this, even being able to finish 14th. Then at the bottom of the downhill after putting a good 10-12 seconds on Andrew I crashed. My front wheel slid out on me and I went down. Before I could even think I jumped back on my bike and as soon as I landed on the seat, I saw that my bars where super tilted to the left. I had to keep my hands almost sideways just to keep going straight. I held off Andew for another 10 seconds before he passed me, then I put down the hammer to try and drop Tristan Cowie, who I caught on the climb. With sideways bars this was nearly impossible to do. I made it almost to the finish with him behind me, but not being able to sprint with my bars he passed me and I had to cruise into the finish 17th, mentally and physically destroyed. I almost did it, but then... It was really hard to not through my bike down after the finish, I was pissed and disappointed in myself. As I was thinking about it, I looked around and saw all my friends, and their family, and all the spectators and I realized any bad move I mad would forever label me as "that guy". I didn't even mutter a swear word,(believe me this was really hard) instead I spun past everyone out of the venue until I cooled off and thought of everyone else who probably had stuff not go as planned for them. Take defending champ and great friend Sam Jurekovic. Sam crashed out in the first 5 minutes of the race, crashing harder than I have seen before. After getting knocked out, he still rode a lap around the course before heading to the medical tent to get some much needed attention. My hat goes off the Sam. And too Tad Elliott who stormed to the win. Tad worked very, very hard to win this and I am so stoked and happy to see that he got it. Congrats Tad. Well, I am wrecked. I just ate a huge dinner with Ben Kraushuarr and I am still super sore. Time for some sleep. My next race is not until Sunday so I have some time to get some rest. I will put some more photos as they come in. A huge thanks goes out to the entire Devo Team and John Kemp, cycles Ben K, Greg Carpenter and his parents and anyone else who cheered me on today who I didn't notice. Thanks

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Will Ross said...

So some guy came into the bike shop i work at the other day and he had a peak cycles jersey. got to talking and he was a friend of the owner or something back in colorado then he moved to AK.