Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And Back

Well, I made it home. Luckily I was able to fix my car and make it back to Basalt with minimal problems. My legs on the other hand, Well, I just started riding again Monday. They feel great now, largely in part to lots of time sitting in the ice cold rivers, stretching, acupuncture and physical therapy. I also found the main cause of my recurring IT Band issues, improper bike fit. You would think after all these years of riding I would have been able to figure that out and maybe get a bike professionally fit to me, but nope. Anyways, I ended up lowering my saddle almost an inch. Which is a huge amount, but oh god does it make a difference.

Today I was able to rip up Glenwoods finest singletrack, first a grind up to the top of Red Mtn to the one of the funnest, sketchiest, steepest descents I have ever done down the cross trail. I then went over and rode my all time favorite Scout trail. It felt great to get outside again and to be on the Maverick again. I scared myself a couple of times on the downhill when I was going to stuff faster than I have ever been able to before, but the Durance handled it with ease. I still haven't even touched the potential of that bike yet, and when I do, wow! I figure if it can carry the likes of Mike West and Jesse Swift, it must be able to handle a lot. Speak of Swifty J,

He has been rallying the race course since I have been out and nursing my wounds, and doing so in normal Swift fashion. Well, I got to hit the hay, tomorrow I am hitting up a big ride with good friend and Fort Lewis Alum, Alex Hagman. We figured we might as well poach the locals ride tomorrow and see what damage we can do. Until then,

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