Sunday, May 25, 2008

Strained and Stranded

Well, This weekend has quite possibly been one of the most difficult weekends I have had in a long time. It all started when I was about 30-40 miles outside of Angel Fire heading up the pass from Taos, New Mexico and my car died. And when I mean died it died! I was trying to carry some momentum to reach the tiny bit of shoulder on the side of the road that I saw, when my steering wheel locked in the opposite direction and I was heading towards a ledge. Luckily I didn't panic too much and was able to grab my e-brake and stop before I veered off. After taking a second to take everything in, I let my car back down the hill to the smaller portion of shoulder on the highway. After looking around and dodging traffic, I ran out and tried to push my car up the road a bit so that way I wasn't in as much danger of getting hit. Right when I got my car moving and I started to put in a big push, my IT band on my left leg seized up and I just about fell over. I got back in the car and waited until Jesse Swift and Bill Turner were able to come and pick me up. I locked up my car and took everything valuable out of it. Hopefully it has not been ransacked or towed. After getting to the condo I spent the rest of the night stretching and working to get my legs in a better condition. We got up early the next morning for the Super D. I was super excited for it and I knew it was going to be an epic race when it snowed the night before. So during practice it was heavily frozen and snowed over and where there wasn't snow, there was mud. And after about 1 minute on the course, I came out of the first rock garden and I heard my tire rip open. NOT AGAIN!!! That is the 3rd tire I have ripped open in the past 2 weeks. This tire was brand new! So needless to say I am in the market for some more reliable tires. This is the first time in 4 years that I have not had a tire sponsor and now is the time I need it the most. So I ended up walking down the rest of the course. That took me a good hour and half. That killed both of legs and by the time I got down, I had just enough time to fix the flat, jump on the lift and get in line for the start of the super D.

I got an ok start. My legs were not too bad, that or I am used to this shitty leg feeling now, but I got into a good start given that there were 30 guys in the start. I made it through all the rock gardens fine and survived the mud, but at any pedal sections, I suffered with my legs being heavily seized. I tried to salvage my race as much as possible, knowing that with my legs feeling like they did then, I would not be able to race the cross country today. I was right. I made it to the finish and managed 21st in a wicked muddy race. It was a course and conditions that suited me well.

Today has been essentially me trying to figure out what I am going to do to get home. The plan so far is to pick up my car tomorrow, hopefully tonight if possible and see if I can fix it. Then tomorrow I will follow one of my friends hoping that I can make it back home with out another break down. I am hoping for the best, and it is taking every ounce of energy for me to stay positive at the moment as I was not able to even start today in the Cross Country. And I am trying to maintain a good outlook on my getting home in one piece. Well, the hotel lobbyist is looking at me quite weird and I think they have figured out I am not a guest here so I am going to head back to mobile home I am staying in thanks to Sam and Tom Stevens.

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