Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Nice Weekend At Home

Wow I am tired. But a good tired, these past few days have flown by. After working a solid 35-40hrs a week at Dos Gringos, I have really been making the most out of my rides. This weekend was great though. On Saturday it was the annual Ride For the Pass at Independence Pass and I had to do it at least once. I figured since I would not be able make it out to California for Santa Ynez it would be good to get some race intensity in. Turns out it was an awesome event that was super fun. I think I also really liked it because the course finally suited me for the first time this year, i.e. It wasn't flat! Anyways, It was super fun and managed to pull of a 7th place finish, 1st U23. Not too bad seeing as how Sam was having me train through the weekend.

So after climbing ten miles of narrow highway in 5-6 foot snow corridors, I went down valley to Carbondale and road my Durance. It was getting some negligence and could not pass up a mountain bike ride. Even though I was pretty tired from racing already, I was really dying to get in a good mountain bike ride, unfortunately I ripped the side wall of tire about an 1.5 hr's into the ride and had to cut it short. Then Sunday was the crit. I have never really been a crit or short track person, but this was awesome! It was in downtown Aspen right in front of the Wheeler Opera house. The course was super fast and had some of the best sweeping turns for a crit ever. Really, most of my motivation for going so fast was so I could try and lean it over a bit more and more on the next corner. Unfortunately I could not get enough of the other guys to work with me to catch the leader who went on a solo from the 3-4th lap in, so I ended up just attacking everybody and making the race as hard as I could for others. Great training, and really fun. I ended up grabbing 13th and Most Aggressive Rider. So not a bad finish to things.

It was also nice to put use to my new road bike provided by the fine people at Peak Cycles and Bikeparts.com. And another big shout out to Jesse Swift and John Polli for continually supporting me in my racing endeavors. Well next up is Angel Fire New Mexico for the third Mountain States Cup Series race. I love Angel Fire and can not wait to get down there. They are also hosting the first Super D for the MSC series this year and I am super excited to see how my Maverick handles the rocky New Mexican course. Until then, I will be at burrito shack.

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