Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Back To The Swing Of Things

Well I'm back home now. Although Durango still feels like home, I am back here. It was nice to get back to some of old trails. Luckily just recently they were uncovered by snow. Since I have been back all I have been doing is riding my bike and working at Dos Gringos again. This time I am working in the kitchen cooking and preparing food. It's really fun and keeps me from having to deal with bogus customers. Recently I made it down to Nathrop for the second Mountain States Cup race. It was ok, actually a really good result considering the 3 weeks I was off the bike with IT band syndrome. That really sucked. But on with the positive. I raced pretty well given my condition but popped about mid way through. I managed to hang on for 19th in the XC and 20th in the Short Track. Good news for the short track is that I was able to stay in for the full 20minutes and 2 laps. This is a first for my pro short track career. But now that I am undergoing some chiropractic work and massage therapy, I am able to ride full steam.

Today I made it to the top of crown that looks towards the always awesome Mount Sopris. It was freezing cold and sprinkling rain the whole time. But still an awesome ride. The single track that comes down from the top of the crown is just to epic to pass up.

On the way down, I was greeted with a new obstacle on the trail. I am used to fallen trees and branches, but never fallen cars. Somebody screwed up here. The worst part is, is that the trail is about 50-60 feet below the road. I didn't really look into the car too much, but needless to say, this is sketch. Well, I'm off to bed, need to put in some hours before I head off to work. Finally the races are heading to the mountains soon and I want to make up for my less than impressive results so far this spring. I'm still wanting a top 5 at a MSC this year and a top 30 at an NMBS race. But above all, I'm just hoping for more epic rides like today.

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