Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wow It's Early! Acutally No, It's Late.

4: 50 am, that has got to be a record time for a blog post for me. I have been up all night getting work done for school that should have been done a while ago. It's that time of year when I have to put on hold everything fun and focus on my schooling, or more of just making it through the final week and half remaining so I can escape with half way decent grades. The only fun thing about this is the coffee drinking. Especially tonight since I was able to bust out a secret weapon to fight my sleeping urges, chocolate covered espresso beans from the ever so awesome Kailee. Nothing like typing a paper when your hands are shaking from all the caffeine pumping through your veins. Well the countdown has begun. I have my French class tomorrow, or today rather at 10. I will then be taking a much needed nap. The my history and science classes on Friday morning, where I will take my science final. Then I get a little respite with the weekend where I get all of Saturday and Sunday to study for French again. Luckily after that I don't have to hand in my history final until Wednesday night. So all in all I am looking at 6 more days of studious agony. Hopefully somewhere in there I can get some rides in. Well, I better get back to my projects, time is ticking away and I am looking forward to getting some sleep in these next few days.

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