Friday, April 11, 2008

What Time Is It?

It's 1:08 am right now and I just finished studying. Normally I would be complaining, especially after the week I have just encountered, but I am too excited for this weekend. The Mountain States Cup Series opens this weekend in Fruita, Colorado. I am super excited for this race. The course is quasi old, same area as the Fruita fat tire festival from a couple of years ago, but I am sure better. Although I am super psyched to be racing again, and especially on my new Maverick Durance, I am a little bummed at how fast this year is going already. At this moment I have only 11 days left in Durango. At first I was psyched to be going home, able to sleep in my own bed, ride my home trails, get some well needed alone time and be able to make some money. Then I realized how much I love it down here. Even living in the dorms is pretty sweet. Take last night for instance, some of my friends and I got bored, so we filled up a 5 gallon bucket with water, leaned it on some of our room mates doors and knocked until they opened up. I can honestly say, 5 gallons of water does not look like much just sitting in a bucket, but once you knock that sucker over into someones room, you really get a good grasp of how much it really is. Then tonight, somehow two wheel chairs, a super soaker, and 3 bottles of watery lotion all came together in an awesome night. I really feel bad for the kids who couldn't run fast enough from the RA's and had to clean everything up. But all the dorm debauchery aside, I am really going to miss it here. The food, and most of my classes, not so much, but everything is too hard not to love. But rather than rattling off how much I love it here, the short and sweet of it is, is that I will be taking full advantage of all Durango has to offer for the remaining days that I am here. Besides last time I checked we have a lot of snow back home in Basalt. This really sucks because I really just want to ride mountain bikes right now. Oh well, maybe we will get a huge thaw and I can get something in.

In other news, great friend/coach Sam Jurekovic killed it at Pan Am Championships last weekend in Venezuela. Like always Sam has been working his ass off this past winter, and its really showing. 4th in Fontucky, 1st at Pan Am's.

Big congrats to him and everyone else who went. I also wanted to point out that my new game in the school cafeteria has been going quite well. I followed up my mystery meat sausage link wiener dog with a turkey and ham elephant that is sitting in the opposite side of the cafeteria planter. Hopefully I will be here long enough for them to start smelling. I also wanted to point out that this game is no creation of mine, but was suggested from this fast guy.

Well I must be off to bed, I have an 8am class tomorrow that I can not skip again and then an Earth Shock test at 9. Afterwords its off to Fruita for the weekend. Lets see if my racing legs have come out of hibernation yet. Until then, I will be sleeping!

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