Sunday, April 13, 2008

Now That's A Bit More Like It

Finally today I was able to get my legs back, kind of. Oh well, I am stoked! I finally am seeing all the work I put in this winter coming. I have never really been fast in the spring, but I felt like it today. I am really excited for what this season will bring If I can keep this up. 

  It was awesome to be back racing in Fruita again. Rabbit Valley is so fun no matter what and the trail system they had us on was spectacular. I have always found it easier to have great legs when the course is really fun and exciting. It had great twisty, fast single track with some sweet rock drops and big whoops that if you pumped right you could get into a great rhythm and start doubling. My Maverick Durance tackled the course with perfection. I could keep the power down on the bumpy flats and rally on the rock drop descents. I was very impressed with how fast my bike was. You really couldn't stay in a gear for more than a minute or two so your shifting was fast and frequent and luckily I had no issues at all. This new bike thing is great! Maverick and Sram are hooking it up! 

    For most of the race I sat on Jesse Swift's wheel and tried to just hang on. He was flying through the single track sections and was putting it down. On any rock drops or anything technical, he was either launching or flying through like it was nothing. As we got to the north section of the course heading back to the finish, he let me by on the climbs and I did what I could to not hold him up and keep the pace up. I ended up only losing one place near one of the last climbs. I was destroyed at that point though. Today was essentially a 20 mile time trial with Rad Ross at the front pushing the pace to as fast as he could. My hat goes off to Ross who won, and 2nd place Brian Fuentes who kept Ross in sight. 

Oh how I love the racing scene. In other news, I have only 8 days left in Durango! I am definitely excited to get out of classes, but other than that I would assume just stay here. Oh well. If the way this past semester has been is any indication of how fast this year is going to be then I will be back in no time. Speaking of no time I think I need to be studying, maybe? 

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