Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Good Week

   This week was a bit of a difficult one. I had to get caught back up on school work that I missed while in California and was also trying to get motivated to prepare for finals,  which are coming up scary fast. And I also had to realize some of the things or ways of life that come when trying to be a professional athlete. The short and sweet of it is, is that if it were easy then everyone would be one. But once again I was easily reminded of why I do it. I rode my Durance almost everyday this week. Its really hard to stay upset when you are throwing a leg over that thing. Really aside from some minor life lessons and me realizing once again that I like to procrastinate with school work, nothing new really happened.  My days in Durango are ticking away and I not happy about it, for many reasons. Another person who is leaving the D-Town soon is Dicky Dub. He is heading down south to Austin soon. He will be missed and its bummer to see him go.
Until then

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Rhiannon said...

it's your mother again....nice job but please be careful...don't get hurt. You're my little buddy.

your mother