Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Bad Result Can Lead To The Best

Fontana was a big learning experience. It was my first pro race in the month of March, first time to California and encountering Cali riding and weather. But all excuses aside, I did not race well and can do better. But that's racing. If it were easy it would be called something else other than the Pro class.  I gained a lot of knowledge this past weekend about racing and many other things. Luckily I was able to learn this from some good friends who have been involved in the sport longer than I have even been riding a bike. One of them was Cody Peterson, who is chasing down Liam Killeen in the short track. All of his info was very important, but the thing that I really took to heart was when he said the best athlete in the world is the one who works the hardest and really does their sport because they love what they do. I hope to take what I learned this weekend and improve upon my results for the rest of the year. I also want to take the time to thank John Polli and everyone at Team and Peak Cycles.  They really take care of me and made this trip and all trips to bike races possible. Thanks again!

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