Monday, March 17, 2008

The Other Side of Cycling

For some reason lately I have been acquiring a variable consortium of pictures of elite cyclists drinking. This was especially relevant after participating in some bigger Cyclocross event this past fall, but it also seemed to follow through into this past weekends FLC Squawker Road Classic. If you weren't racing, you were cheering or cheering and drinking. I also figured with it being St. Patricks day, it would be nice to see the worlds best knocking back a few.

The one of Kabush I understand, but this one of Zabriskie leaves me with a few questions. But then again anything this guys does leaves questions.

And if you don't drink beer, you drink Coffee. My drink of choice, thanks to the website I found this photo of Sam Jurekovic having a cup for himself. That's probably one of the best things I am looking towards this summer, working at the Cafe Ole' coffee shop in Carbondale. We are talking excellent coffee in my cup all the time and in great abundance. Ahh, Coffee! In other news, I am moving into the next stage of training and preparing for my first race of the season, the NORBA NMBS #1 in Fontana, California. I am super excited for many reasons, first race of 08, I get to see how my forum is and this also be my first time to California. Can't wait. But I still need some more hours on the bike before I venture out, thankfully I have some time.

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