Saturday, March 29, 2008

Never Give Up

It was hard really hard today, mentally and physically. I never race well this early in the season, especially now that I am racing Professionally. But this race was TOUGH! Course did not really suit me at all, the time of year does not really suit me at all, and its a NORBA NMBS. The big guns were out and it was fast from the get go. For the most part all of the norms were here, guys like Kabush, Craig, JHK, Wicks, Trebon, Decker, Shultz and Jurekovic. I got a decent start position, 4th row out of the 8 out 9. It didn't really matter since the start was incredibly fast and unrelenting. I did what I could and settled into a pace with an average of 29minute lap times. Unfortunately, that was not fast enough and I was caught in the 80% rule. Kabush was on fire and gunning it today. I was really hopping to get to ride all 5 laps, but that was not possible. Lots of guys fell victim for the 80% rule. Oh well, There is no real excuse, but I did what I could and tried to keep up with who I could. I am really excited for the season and the rest of the races. I have only been out of base for a little over a week and if I am able to ride like this so far, then I must be on a good start. A lot more hard work is going to be needed before I start getting some really good finishes, but I think I can get there. My hat goes off to Sam Jurekovic, who pulled out an amazing 4th place today. And Cody Peterson who also had an awesome ride into 12th. You will get Decker some day! Soon! Anyways, Tomorrow is the Short Track and maybe I can pull of a better ride. Except who knows I haven't seen results from the XC yet, so, who knows. I am putting my legs in the air for the rest of night. Definitely the moral of the trip is, never give up!

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