Friday, March 28, 2008

Hot, Fast and Dusty!

Fontana, California. Very Hot, Very Polluted and the course is probably the fastest courses I have ridden in my entire life. It is also very urban and very short. I think the leading lap times are going to be close to 20 minutes. I have ridden it four times so far, a couple of times with Sam Jurekovic, Cody Peterson and few other times with Eric Ransom and every time it was scary fast. Its definitely not a course that suits me very well and its going to take A LOT for me to do well.

We don't have a car here, so we have been riding around Fontana on our bikes to get around. Its completely different from any other place I have been before, 5 lanes highways, buzzing cars, its chaos. But also really fun, and when chasing these two, it will probably make you faster too. Well, I am going to start resting up for tomorrows XC. I was aiming for a certain placing before getting here, but it looks like I will be reduced to just trying to survive and last the whole race. They are implementing the 80% rule here, making it even more like a World Cup, so for the first few laps, I need to be on it to make sure I don't get pulled. Wish me luck!

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