Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Longer Days

Thankfully here in Durango, I am able to ride my bike out side again. The snow was recedded off the streets and maybe in mid March we can see some normal ground again. But overall this great news. The sun has been out and been in the 40's all day this week. Paired with that, the days are slowly getting longer. Today, sunset was at 5:50pm. That's awesome. I have been taking ful advantage of it latly packing in longer and longer rides everyday.

Although I may be spending more time on the bike, it doesnt mean I still havent been suffering on the climbs up to Purgatory or to Hesperus. But I can't complain, I would much rather have my butt planted in the saddle than class right now. This recent abundance of sun and high temps have kept me on the bike.
And besides, with views like these can you blame me?

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k2 said...


and when it officially stops snowing there i'll be hitting the area to see those views too!