Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can't Keep Me In

After the influx of snow the western half of the United States just got recently, I have still been out and about having fun. I guess the proper term is "training", but sometimes it's easier to fun first then the fitness sides seems to follow. The past two weeks since I have gotten back to Durango have flown by. I have been Nordic Skiing like crazy with almost 12hrs on the skate skis last week. 2-3 of those hours where night skiing, which is crazy fun. It's also a great way to get accustomed to the cold.

Then since the roads have cleared a bit, the bike rides in 25 degree weather have been quite de regeur and nothing out of the ordinary. Besides its too hard to stay inside when the sun comes out.
And as for dealing with the cold, I have been growing quite accustomed to my new wintry fur. But in all seriousness I am really finding this winter to a joy. Getting some time on the skis mixed with biking and back country snow shoeing has really shown me how lucky I am.

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