Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rise And Shine, It's Training Time

It's that time of year, well actually it was January last year, and really this officially started in November, but who's counting. BASE is what I talking about, that super fun, slow, cold time of year when you see your true motivation for the coming year. It is also nice to be in a place like Durango for base for one the weather, but also for the incredible amount of riders who are doing base right now, its no longer a you and the iPod ride. But sometimes, the best rides are by your self. Its something about the harshness of winter riding that really is the best conditioning ever. You go out and ride super slow, easy because your body can't produce any heat while trying to stay on pace and some how, your hands always freeze. But day after day I still venture out for my wintry rides, and not always for the coffee at Bread, but because every time I snap my feet into my pedals I get that excited, cant wait to see how today goes feeling. Its like all the stress about school and finals just floats away with every pedal stroke. And you really only realize this when you have to take time off the bike and then when you come back it's like being with your best friend again, and remembering why you love this so much. Then you get up to speed, turn on your music and it feels you and the bike are one. Days like today always keep me smiling, and remembering why I do what I do.

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