Monday, December 31, 2007

As the Curtain Draws

The end of 2007 is only a few hours away. I figured as I sit waiting to finish my coffee before I go Nordic Skiing, I would go over the past year.

My main goal for 2007 was to have lots of fun on my bike. No matter when I rode, I always kept this in mind and it definitely helped. Sure, sometimes I would have to tell myself to go out and train when it was 12 degrees outside, or 112, but it seemed like every time I actually got out for a ride I started having fun.

My other goal for 07 was to get faster on the downs. This was something that Jesse Swift helped my out with all season. Actually it seems like every time I ride with Jesse I am riding faster and faster down hill trying to keep up with him. One of these days I will get him, maybe a goal f0r 08.

With this year being my first as a Pro, the first and best advice I got was to take no reservations into this first season. This year was probably my most difficult year I have had so far. One day I would feel amazing, the next I would be off the back trying to race for last or crashing out like I saw in Snowmass this year. When it all come together though, it really came together. The two races where this happened was in Telluride and at Deer Valley for the NMBS.

This year I also made plenty of mistakes. One being the amount of time I spent on the road this year. Yes, road riding can make you wicked fast, but it also comes as a price. I believe that many of my crashes where from too much time on the road before the bigger races. I also know that I did too many road races for 2007. I had some great results, one of which was a win, but once again I am a mountain biker, so training like a road racer is backwards int he direction I need to be going in. One of my worst crashes this season was on the road, this took me out of the Colorado State Champs and set my back a week or two in race preparation.

At the beginning of the year, I had a team built up with a friend from the valley that was supposed to work out of a bike shop in Aspen riding on Orbea bikes, Unfortunately that never panned out. Luckily, Jesse had room for me and was able to make room mid way through the season for me and was able to give me A level support on the Go Fast/ team. This was probably the best thing that happened to me in 2007. It also reminded me why being around great friends is the best way to prepare for the big events, not only on the bike, but in life in general.

On to the next chapter. For 2008, Well, just like 2007 I hope to ride fast, hopefully faster, smoother and have even more fun than I did this year. I have some more specific goals in mind for 08, yeah some maybe a little high, but like they say, "shoot for the moon, even if you don't make it you will land with the stars." Or some shit like that. I will be mainly focusing on the NMBS Series races for next year with only a few appearances at Mountain States Cup Series races. While all the details are a little fuzzy, I managed to get some sponsored money for some of the further away races and will try to aim for a spot at the Monte Ste Anne World Cup this summer. And before the new year starts, I only think it appropriate to thank the following people for making the past year what it was.

Mom Dad

Jesse Swift Sam Jurekovic

Brian Laiho Matt Unger

Colin McKearnan Rhiannon Henning

Nicole Henning Josef Karas

Fred Norquist Nelson and Julie Oldham

Sarah and John Villafranco Dylan Stucki

Greg Carpenter Ben Kraushaar

Nic Degross Tad Eliott

Matt Cramer Everyone at Go Fast/ and Peak Cycles in Golden

Rick Crawford Dave Hagen

Ross Schnell James Otis and everyone at the Western Slope Devo Road team

Maverick Bikes Dustin Belcher

Oakley Maxxis Tires

and everyone else who I forgot to put on this list, thanks and happy new year!

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