Sunday, November 11, 2007

Last Race of 07

Today was awesome, but very painful. Today was my first try at Professional Cyclo-cross racing and damn it was hard, however really fun. It was the annual Fort Lewis College Squawker cross, but it was also an UCI event too. This mean't many things, 1) The attraction of some fast guys, really fast guys 2) Pay out for 25 deep 3) UCI Points on the line 4) Really fast and lots of suffering.
The start went really well after getting a back row call up. I had to manuever myself into the mix as well as I could so I didn't get left off the back from the start. It was chaos into the first run up and the crowds were loving the barrier section. I tried to hold my own for the rest of the race, trying to hold out as long as possible before I got lapped. Luckily I made it 45 minutes out of the hour race before Todd Wells and Geoff Kabush went by me. I made a quick pass and sprinted to the finish for 21st place, 7th U23. Not too bad considering this was my third cross race ever and my first as a Pro. Todd finally got the win 45 seconds ahead of Kabush, and his home town of Durango got the pleasure of cheering on their finest. As for me, I have some time before I can even make it a full hour, but that will have to wait for next year. I start base soon and will be keeping the pace slow and easy for some time. As for it being the last race of year, It was nice to finally wrap up a long season. I looked and saw that I raced from late February to mid November this year. Here's to a good season!

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