Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Fast Forward Button Must Be Jammed

You know you are busy when you have a haircut planned, and even have the correct amount scrounged together in pocket change, but have to miss it for training or class. No worries, now, Dylan Stucki hooked me up with a nice crew cut for free, just in my price range. It seems like the past week and a half have been a blur. With the weather holding out and being a steady 60 almost everyday, I have been ripping the trails like there is no tomorrow. I mean for all I know it could snow and there would be no tomorrow, for mountain biking that is. I am still in awe how late I am riding my mountain bike this year. Given I am in a new location, but to be able to ride single track in early November is still very new and really amazing to me. I even looked, I haven't been on the road bike for over a month and I feel stronger now than I did when I got here. This weekend is the UCI Squawker Cross, I am hoping to do okay before I begin the first chapter to 2008.

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