Monday, October 29, 2007

Pre-Cusor to The Next Chapter

After taking a dormant week, I am so happy to be back to the active life. I celebrated yesterday by having going to a Cyclo Cross race in Dolores with Tad and Greg to try out the new bike. It was awesome, although the first lap I dropped my chain and had to work my back up through the field, I still managed to come in 5th behind Greg Carpenter. Greg took the U23 honors and also got the hole shot. Tad was by far the most aggressive, but was eventually left with a DNF due to a damaged rear wheel. Regardless we all had fun and it was awesome to get out of Durango for a little bit. I am definitely looking forward to more cross races and then eventually starting base, which will be soon thanks to new Mountain Bike schedule put in place due to the Olympics. Anyways, as long as I am on the bike, I am happy.

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