Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Treat

Last year I went on one of my favorite mountain bike rides on Halloween, I rode my all time favorite, the Scout trail in Glenwood Springs. I love it, it's the perfect Halloween ride. After climbing for an hour, you get to rip through perfectly buff, fast, twisty single track that pierces through a deep dark forest. Then you pop out on to one of the fastest downhills I have ever ridden. But today, being that I am in Durango, I went to my favorite now, Slime Creek in the Test Tracks area. This time I went with my good friend Greg Carpenter, and we rallied almost all the walls in the creek area we could.

The higher we went, the more speed you needed before you started to slide down, which just added to the fun. One of the best things about fall is being able to ride and not have any worries, just being able to go out and, well ride. And here in Durango is one of the best places you could be to just ride.

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