Monday, October 01, 2007

The Fall Air

I am protesting this whole changing of seasons thing. I realize it's only October and all, but I did not get enough time on the mountain bike this year. Especially now, I have only so much time to ride the trails here in Durango before the white stuff comes and with all the trails that are here, it's going to take me a while to hit all of them. The one good thing about the fall however is the looking towards next race season, and I have got a new way of splitting up my hours on my bikes. After looking through my training journal I realized I was on my road bike way more than my Mountain Bike, which is probably why I am so burnt out on road right now. And then I realized that's also why I am so slow. So I am selling the road bike, and investing in something of a bit more of the cross nature. The split for 08 will be something like 50% Mountain bike, 35% Cyclocross and some 15% to road. I figure, I am a mountain bike racer, why train like a road racer? Other big changes are soon to be announced, but still need time to work out the final details. But I am not getting to caught up in the work of it all. The biggest mistake, or at least one of the biggest, is remembering why I race and why I ride. It's all for the fun. So for the remainder of this year, and all of 2008, I will be working my ass to do race as fast as I can, while having as much fun as I can.

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Colin said...

nice drop you freak!