Sunday, October 14, 2007

All Crossed Up

These past two weeks have been crazy. With Midterms, change of weather and some racing in Grand Junction I have been worn thin and trying to just survive recently. The whole tone was set when going out to Mesa State for my first RMCCC race. Got to wear the Fort Lewis colors in the Short Track and XC. The drive down was awesome, with all the leaves turning a vibrant gold. It was a comfortable 55-60 degrees in Grand Junction. Then later that night after some dinner the winds picked up to almost 30mph and stayed until about 5-6am. The whole night I think everyone maybe slept about 20-30minutes. The wind brought in some wicked rain that made the Short Track pretty interesting. The course was horrible, an open section of field out at the fair grounds with clay like mud. Fared ok, normally I can manage a good result in the mud, but had to settle for 6th. The next day was much better weather wise, but it came with it's complications during the race. After almost no warm up trying to get some new brake pads in the caliper, I ran to the line and started with about 2-3 minutes spin time in. I burped my tire about 10 minutes in and had to add some air before I could keep going. The XC definitely made up for the less than great Short Track course. The course was rough, technical and super fun. Unfortunately I suffered many chain suck issues following the flat, but still managed a 6th. With all the mechanical setbacks, the XC was still super fun, only a bit frustrating, but that's racing. After coming back, I dove straight into my studies and have to self the bike for a week. My first ride was yesterday on Animas Mountain with Dylan Stucki, Trevor Downing and Alex Howard. Super fun. It's pretty technical and really twisty. I will have to make it out here a few more times this year.
Today I finally got to check out my cross bike. I went out to the test tracks area with Tad Elliott as we tested out how much the bike could handle. We were pleasantly surprised. They are so much fun to ride down real twisty single track.

It was also really good at jumping, Although I couldn't manage to style mine like Tad's I still feel like I enjoyed the jump just as much.

Happy Cross Season/Fall!

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