Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Winding Down

Since arriving here in Durango I have been over this pass every weekend. Not a bad view, but all the driving can take it's toll on you. After the Track adventures in Colorado Springs, I was welcomed back with some awesome homework and a nice cold. Being sick always sucks, but especially now. The weather is more friendly for riding, and the Collegiate Mountain Bike racing series is in full swing. Looks like I will be missing another race. That's 0 for 2 right now. That's how it goes I guess, once you get that chance to actually wind down from the normal race season, sickness comes and hits you like a sack of bricks. It's not all bad being out of commission right now, It has given me time to study for tests, and organize my music and photos. When going through, I found a picture of my friend Fred's new kayak.

Nothings better than getting a new ride, especially one that's free. Speaking of new rides, looks like 2008 is beginning to take shape all ready. I will keep you posted for specifics, but I am quite excited for next year, but not as excited as getting over this cold.

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