Thursday, September 06, 2007

Twilight Rally

The expression on Art's face pretty much sum's up how tonight's ride was. After eating ourselves stupid at dinner, we decided maybe a quick ride could be squeezed in before it got dark. This is the best time to go ride.

Back home in Glenwood Springs, I would constantly be out to late on rides and catch those perfect soil conditions. The sun is out, but not enough to be in your eyes on beating down on you. These are some of the best times to ride a mountain bike in September, and here in Durango is no exception.
At the top after climbing up crazy rocky scree field type washes, we came to the lookout which gave us a great view of our new home, Fort Lewis College Campus. Yup, this is one killer place to live.
Not a bad view for a school campus. Great views with a great ride. It took my mind of the beard growing competition Art and I are having. We figure we might as well get the jump on the cold weather that is sure to come. But until, we'll keep riding.

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