Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall Cruises

It's hard to not smile like this when going on awesome rides like Tad took me on today. We hit up Horse Gulch again, But he took me on some completely new stuff I have never ridden before that was too fun for words to describe. It had everything, super steep climbs and descents, loose drifty sections, north shore like ramps and rocks that served as jumps and wall rides. It's hard to find trails this good anywhere, then I remember I am in Durango and that single track like this is quite de regeur. The past few days have been an adventure. Mainly dominated by school work and also trying to find a job here in Durango or on campus. I was really enjoying this not working thing, but when you are in dept from books and dorm necessities, its time to get a source of income that does not include a pathetic phone call to the parents. But before I submit myself to the endless fun of another job, paired with school work, I will keep hitting up rides like this. Fall is the best time to ride. You've had a good season, and you can relax knowing that there isn't any big race coming up you need to be in top form. You can just go cruise, but then on the downs you can rip and try and see who can get the best drift in the sand. Hopefully I can get as much mountain biking in as possible before the wet stuff comes. Until next time.

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