Sunday, September 09, 2007

Discovering New Tracks

This past weekend I headed to Colorado Springs with the Fort Lewis College Track team to try and land a spot to Collegiate Track Nationals and also to try this other realm of cycling. A bit nervous at first, I was quickly relieved when I actually got on the track and started riding. The walls are quite steep and when on them at slower speeds you are certain you will fall.

After 20 minutes you start pack riding and sprinting with ease. The Track was super fun, and John, who runs it was an awesome guy, providing bottles, ice water and Leg and Arm warmers when it got cold. He also had an awesome grill in the back parking lot that was really something to see. I tried to get spots in the 3Km Time Trial and the Pursuit. I quickly found out that my fitness was good, but not capable of the speeds for such short efforts. Although I did not make the squad, I am still super psyched on how much fun I had and also getting a 4minute 3Km time consistently. More importantly though, Congrats to Ken and Sandi Bloomer on having their first child Colin Joel Bloomer. If he is anything like his parents, he will be VERY fast.

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