Saturday, September 01, 2007

Annual Favorite

It's that time again, time for my all time end of the Mtb season favorite. Keystone MSC. This is a photo from last year. Every trip to Keystone is similar in the sense that it is awesome. Sometimes it's easy to forget there is a race going on and just party with your friends. It's the greatest. Just a great send off to the Mountain Bike Season. This year is no different. Normally the drive from Glenwood Springs is only around an hour and a half, but from Durango... that's a new story. Friday I finished off my afternoon Algebra class and then ventured out with Dylan Stucki and Art Nelson. We Rallyed from campus to Casa de Stucki in Gunnison. The sunset we encountered when driving in to Gunny was amazing.

We were graced with these awesome views the entire way into town. Once we got there we were welcomed with some great food and comfy beds to sleep in. After a week of sleeping in a dorm, a home cooked meal and a nice bed is practically heaven. The next morning we headed out and made it into Keystone around 1pm. I met up the rest of Team Go Fast/ members and set out for a pre-ride with the rest of the Team Go Fast/ team members and was pleasantly rewarded with some of Summit County's best single-track. After returning, we caught team member Tim Barnes racing the short track.

Unlike me, Tim can not get enough of Short Track racing and powered to a 7th place finish in the Expert 40+ category. Now it's time to get some sleep, after the pre-ride, I know tomorrow is going to be epic.

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