Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting Settled

This was my last cup of Dazbog coffee as I rolled out of town the other day for Durango. The drive wasn't bad, lots of great views and fun mountain passes to rally. Moving in went well, met my roomate, got settled. Seems like thing will be good there.

Shortly afterwords I met up with good friend Noah Singer for a ride then a good burger. It was nice to see an old friend and get the low down on Durango and the school. the more I hear and the more riding I do here, the more excited I get for what the future holds for me here.

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Mike said...

hey, i used to work at crms a few years ago and i'm not quite sure how i stumbled across your blog, maybe that i saw you and mitchell racing w/ the big boys and somehow tracked it down. anyway, it's good to see you doing well and headed off to college, good luck and have fun. take it easy. mike stoll